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kaveenkk9 a posted Mon at 15:12



Also, thanks to agentsmurfs12 for keeping the website online!
IM_srry hey i just bought unban and i havent got unbanned on the server
XvillerX o can i please be unbanned
IM_srry may i plz be unbanned

Voting Buffed!

kaveenkk9 a posted Oct 25, 14
Hello WongCrafters!!

I have an exciting announcement to make!
I have buffed voting on the factions server!
You now get a better chance of getting staff if you vote a lot! Before choosing new staff we will check votes!

You will also get:
64 Obsidian
64 Tnt
20 MCMMO Credits
$100000 Ingame Money! (100k)
Check ingame by doing /vote on factions!

Top monthly donators will now get a DOUBLE RANK UPGRADE If you are in the list!

Keep WongCraftin'

luna_is_awsome i cant get on what is the server IP?

Server back online

hhamra0 a posted Oct 23, 14
Server has now been back online.

~ Ham

BrockNewton Help me! you guys said you would unban me and im still baned
ninjablade2180 not workin for me either.
BrockNewton Not working for me :/

Server DownTime!

kaveenkk9 a posted Oct 22, 14
Hello WongCrafters!

As you know, the server is offline at the moment.
The server will be offline for about 1-4 days, or until we get enough money to get it back up again, we need exactly 154$.
Right now, If you donate over 20$, You will get the highest donator rank on all of the wongcraft servers and on another one of our servers, (minestrap.com)
If you donate, you will also get access to special futures in the future!
Help us get WongCraft back up!


PS: Also, to address the couponing issue, The people will be unbanned, nabster02 will be tempbanned and Gold_Zombie will be permanently banned from the network. 
agentsmurfs12 can we still donate $20 to get the highestrank
i'm forum banned hmmm unban me n x dont worry itl come back up
First: 16Rocky16 Donator
Second: coffeebean_ 1/2 for OverLord
Third: jacob9storm Donator
Fourth: dravic_legend 1/2 for OvcrLord
Fifth: Michelzz Donator

Light green is the ranking
Red is the username
Dark Green is the rank that they got.

Thanks for voting! Keep voting to help this server grow and for amazing rewards on our servers! 
<3 - Zombie
[Donor] piggyman123450 wait u combined October? fuck u -.-
[Donor] piggyman123450 that's wrong! 1.Panda 2.ME 3.coffeebean_ 4.ezrastar 5.16rocky16 or Dravic but I was DEFINITELY 2nd! ...
[Donor] dravic_legend also last month didn't really count and was combined with this month coffee