There is only OPPrison at this time but once we get a good sized player base we will add more servers...

I had to remake a few plugins to get ready for the the 1.8 update also added Crates(Random Special Items when Voting or Buying Crates) and 1v1ing!! (Using your own gear but you get it back after the fight)

There is only A-Z Ranks but I have made it way harder to rankup!

Old Donators: I couldnt transfer the ranks because they had some ranks that we don't have and the website got reset by enjin If you want your Donator rank back message me a pic of the payment and what rank/perks you had.

Remember keep Voting and tell ya Friends about the Server :)
docman123 hey cookie i had kit god and donater
ZombieBrine27 Hey Cookie, I had the first donator rank for wong, and i would like to know if you could get it back for me. If i need t ...