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As everyone already knows that Kaveen bought the server from COOKIE and Kaveen announced in the previous news post that the server will be the same. Eventually one of the games on the server lost attention and we apparently needed to change it. Changes will only be applied to games that people lost interest in. The reason we are changing things is because you guys told us to. Even with the changes, WongCraft is still the same. Kaveen and I were talking about adding something new to WongCraft. We decided to add GunPvP but since that doesn't really do much, I decided that I was gonna create arcade games such as GunPvP, Spleef and Skywars. Tell me what you think about this idea. Remember, we support all ideas you give us and we will add atleast 5% of your idea to the server.

Best Wishes,
Brandon Pan
OCG LLC Developer
[Donor] lillyiscool321 its a great idea ! can't wait for GunPvP ...
gemmaavril <3 Skyblock! Plz
Eddie123401234 No BEfore the reset cookie added Skyblock andthat brought in about 30 more players to the server count


kaveenkk9 a posted Sep 5, 14
Hello! You guys may know me from some other servers buf if you dont, HELLO! My name is Kaveen and I'm the new owner of WongCraft.
WongCraft was such an amazing server so I HAD To buy it off cookie.
I will not change any of the servers since you guys already like them so much.
However, I have demoted many many of the staff and chosen new staff who are fit for their job..
Some new rules are:

-Swearing is allowed, but not excessively
-No Caps
-No Advertising
-No Spamming
-No bugging us about your application! If you do, it will automatically be DENIED!
-All other server rules that were there originally.

Keep WongCraftin'
- I_Hunt_Zombies
BoxydaLeopard25 "Buf", what does that mean? O_o

July Top Voters!

COOKIE_EATER_13 a posted Aug 4, 14
Top Voters got a Donator rank or Donator rank up grade!

1 Panda_Faic (Got a Upgrade to Donator+
2 MrMonkey_HD (Got Donator)
3 Bumbleboy92
4 robindeminer (Got Donator)
5 RSLFan16 (Got Donator)

Network is coming back! We are working on redoing Factions and adding back KitPvP!!
[Donor] MattyMoo_16 If skyblock goes back i might donate the $15 for the unban cuz i love the community there for skyblock
[Donor] piggyman123450 Great! I'll assume skyblock is later then :3
Remythefearless Umm its 9:45PM EST and I cant Join can Anyone help me?
There is only OPPrison at this time but once we get a good sized player base we will add more servers...

I had to remake a few plugins to get ready for the the 1.8 update also added Crates(Random Special Items when Voting or Buying Crates) and 1v1ing!! (Using your own gear but you get it back after the fight)

There is only A-Z Ranks but I have made it way harder to rankup!

Old Donators: I couldnt transfer the ranks because they had some ranks that we don't have and the website got reset by enjin If you want your Donator rank back message me a pic of the payment and what rank/perks you had.

Remember keep Voting and tell ya Friends about the Server :)
docman123 hey cookie i had kit god and donater
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