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First: 16Rocky16 Donator
Second: coffeebean_ 1/2 for OverLord
Third: jacob9storm Donator
Fourth: dravic_legend 1/2 for OvcrLord
Fifth: Michelzz Donator

Light green is the ranking
Red is the username
Dark Green is the rank that they got.

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<3 - Zombie
[Donor] piggyman123450 wait u combined October? fuck u -.-
[Donor] piggyman123450 that's wrong! 1.Panda 2.ME 3.coffeebean_ 4.ezrastar 5.16rocky16 or Dravic but I was DEFINITELY 2nd! ...
[Donor] dravic_legend also last month didn't really count and was combined with this month coffee


kaveenkk9 a posted Oct 3, 14
[Donor] coffeebean_ Its the 18th....
[Donor] piggyman123450 CPU it's play.wongcraft.com <3
CPUMadness what is the IP, because its not letting me on

Factions Voting Update!

kaveenkk9 a posted Sep 23, 14
Hello WongCrafters!

Just here for a quick update on Factions!
On factions, when you vote, you now get
10 MCMMO Credits, and even more if you get lucky!
You can redeem these credits to any MCMMO Skill of your choice with /redeem!
You can view the credits with /credits
On help on how to use them do /rmhelp ingame!

Keep WongCraftin'
IronSource ? are u banned?
16Rocky16 why can't I join the sever


[Dev] BrandonPan a posted Sep 18, 14
New website rule: If you are fucking up the website with stupid shitass comments you will be ip banned cuz im sick of dealing with shit like dis
Hawk Poke RealmsPoke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms Poke Realms P ...
IamUnicornMan13 So I’m ip banned now? xD
gemmaavril <3 Yeah!! SkyBlock PLZ!! -,-
As everyone already knows that Kaveen bought the server from COOKIE and Kaveen announced in the previous news post that the server will be the same. Eventually one of the games on the server lost attention and we apparently needed to change it. Changes will only be applied to games that people lost interest in. The reason we are changing things is because you guys told us to. Even with the changes, WongCraft is still the same. Kaveen and I were talking about adding something new to WongCraft. We decided to add GunPvP but since that doesn't really do much, I decided that I was gonna create arcade games such as GunPvP, Spleef and Skywars. Tell me what you think about this idea. Remember, we support all ideas you give us and we will add atleast 5% of your idea to the server.

Best Wishes,
Brandon Pan
OCG LLC Developer
Chloeaavril! <3 Skyblock!
[Donor] lillyiscool321 its a great idea ! can't wait for GunPvP ...
gemmaavril <3 Skyblock! Plz
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